Construction has begun on the exterior portion of our Prud'homme branch.  We will be open during renovations.  We ask members to access the building through the back parking lot and continue to use the north side door as the entrance to the building.  The night deposit will also be available and is located at the front of our building.
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Ways to Bank

Find the perfect personal and business banking options to fit your needs.  


Explore debit cards, mobile options, and partnerships that let you bank from anywhere.  

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MEMBER CARD® debit card

Get instant access to your funds for purchases through merchants and through ATMs. 


  • Get a PIN at one of our branches, or give us a call
  • Withdraw cash up to $500 per day at ATMs displaying the ACCULINK®, Interac®, and CIRRUS® logos
  • Make deposits at any ACCULINK® ATM
  • Transfer money to and from accounts within the same membership number

For more information, please see:
Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Debit Card Services

Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada

Debit Card Terms and Conditions

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Small Business Banking

Our small business banking package offers powerful, time-saving features for small and micro businesses.


  • Easily move money between your business and personal accounts
  • Log in once to see all your accounts at a glance
  • Authorized additional users, or delegates, can view statements online, initiate transfers, and bill payments
  • You approve or decline each transaction
  • Transactions can also be set up to automatically require approval from two people
  • See what’s pending as soon as you log in
For more information please see:

Small Business Online Banking User Guide

Small Business Online Banking Question and Answer document

To upgrade to small business online banking, please contact us via email or call us at 306-369-2901.

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Deposit Anywhere

Quickly and securely deposit cheques using Bruno Credit Union’s mobile app.

How to:

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap “Deposit”
  3. Select your account and enter the amount
  4. Snap a photo of the front and back of your cheque
  5. Confirm the details and tap “submit”
  6. Funds immediately appear in your account, but normal hold periods apply
  7. Remember to write “deposited via mobile app” and the date on the bottom of the cheque

Free, fast & secure:

Deposit Anywhere™ is a free service and just as secure as depositing your cheque through the ATM. Plus, it’s fast. Most people complete their deposit in less than a minute and can do it from anywhere at any time.

For more details visit

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INTERAC e-Transfer®

All you need is your recipient’s email address or mobile phone number to securely send money.

When to use INTERAC e-Transfer:

  • Splitting the bill in a restaurant
  • Paying a roommate for your portion of rent or bills
  • Transferring money to your other Canadian financial institution accounts
  • Paying for everyday services like housekeeping, babysitting, or home repairs

Limits and fees:

  • Before sending an e-Transfer, contact our office to set up your own customized limits
  • E-Transfers are $0.50 per transaction to send, and free to receive
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Mobile Banking

Enjoy fast and secure everyday banking anytime, anywhere.



  • Check your account balances and account activity with QuickView
  • Pay bills or transfer money between accounts
  • Manage scheduled payments and transfers
  • Send or receive an INTERAC e-Transfer
  • Use the same login credentials you use for online banking
  • Enjoy the same privacy and security as online banking   

Need help getting set up?

Don't hesitate to reach out! Our team will be happy to help you access any of our banking tools.

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Frequently asked questions about the mobile banking app


Absolutely not. The Bruno Credit Union Mobile App is free for our members to download and use. However, standard data and messaging rates may apply.

For iPhone users

  1. Using your iPhone, search for “Bruno Credit Union Mobile App” in the App Store.
  2. Select the app icon, and verify that the author of the app is Bruno Savings and Credit Union Limited.
  3. Tap the icon marked “Free,” then tap again when it changes to “Install”.

For Android™ users

  1. Using your Android phone, tap the search icon and search for “Bruno Credit Union Mobile App” on Google Play™.
  2. Select the app icon, and verify that the author of the app is Bruno Savings and Credit Union Limited.
  3. Tap the icon marked “Install,” then tap “Accept” in the next screen.

The QuickView feature displays the balances of your selected accounts at any time the app is open, without needing to login first. The default setting of the QuickView feature is “Off”. You can turn on QuickView under Settings / Preferences on the mobile app.

Yes. Just enter your account details as you normally would. 

No. Since the authenticity of the app is already verified by Apple / Google Play, you won’t have to go through this step to access your accounts and start banking.

Your account can only be accessed by entering your personal access code. However, if you have activated the QuickView feature, your account balances will be visible. For additional security, we recommend you keep your phone password protected. Please note: at any time, you can stop the mobile app from displaying your account balances by deactivating QuickView on our banking website.

As a rule, you should contact your mobile carrier right away to deactivate your phone. You may also change your personal access by contacting us in Bruno at (306) 369-2901 or in Prud’homme at (306) 654-2033.

Yes. You can continue to bank using our full-featured mobile site.

For iPhone users

  1. Tap and hold your finger down on the Bruno Credit Union Mobile App icon.
  2. Tap the X in the top right corner.

For Android users

  1. Open the Google Play Store app and find the Profile icon in the top right.
  2. Tap Manage Apps and Devices, and then Manage.
  3. Select the Bruno Credit Union Mobile App and tap Uninstall.

2-Step Verification for online banking

2-Step Verification is used to confirm your identity by sending you a code via SMS or email that you must enter before continuing into your online banking.

How to enroll

  1. Complete the Enable 2-Step Verification enrolment screen when prompted.
  2. Enter your preferred email address or mobile phone number to receive your verification code. A mobile phone number is most secure.
  3. Enter the verification code sent to you.
Note: If you have Touch/Face ID or QuickView enabled then you will need to reconfigure these settings after setting up 2-Step Verification.
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Frequently asked questions about 2-Step Verification for online banking


No. You will not be required to enter a code every time you login, but will be prompted during higher risk logins, like a login from a different location.

Yes. During the initial enrollment you can register only one, but once you are enrolled you can add or change your contact information. This can be done by going to the Profiles and Preferences screen.

Yes. The challenge questions can become less effective over time as fraudsters often know how to find the answers to them. Also, the verification codes are only valid for 10 minutes.

With SMS banking, you can use your cell phone’s texting ability to view your account activity and check your balances. In order to sign up for mobile banking you must have access to MemberDirect.

Through the MemberDirect site, you will need your cell phone to set up the mobile banking.

  1. Once you are logged into your MemberDirect account, click “Account Services” on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Click “Manage Mobile Banking”.
  3. Click “Register your phone for Mobile Banking”.
  4. Read the terms and conditions, then click “I Agree”.
  5. Enter your cell phone number and carrier. Once you click “Continue”, and you’ll receive text with a passcode to enter.
  6. Press “Continue” again.

Your account information will come up on your computer. Below are the Short Code number that you will use for mobile banking.

From your cell phone:

Text any of these commands to the Short Code MONEY(66639) and receive your account information on your phone.

  • ACT – For the account activity of the last 5 transactions of your primary account
  • ACT<account nickname> – For the account activity of a specific account
  • BAL<account nickname> – For the balance of a specific account
  • BAL ALL – For the balance of all your accounts
  • BAL – Provides the balance of all your accounts
  • DISABLE – To temporarily disable your phone
  • HELP – For a list of the commands you can use
  • INFO – For contact info about Bruno Credit Union
  • STOP – To permanently delete your phone
  • NICK – For a list of account nicknames

No transactions can be made on your cell phone. You can only see your balance and account activity. Depending on your carrier plan, please note that data rates apply every time you receive a text message. You can call your carrier to inquire about their data rates.


Frequently asked questions about INTERAC e-Transfer® 

Acxsys Corporation powers the INTERAC e-Transfer service for the participating financial institutions. Acxsys Corporation facilitates the e-mail notice process and maintains the INTERAC e-Transferdatabase.

An e-mail and/or SMS text message notifying the recipient of their INTERAC e-Transfer is sent immediately after the sender completes the INTERAC e-Transfer. Once the recipient receives notification, they can complete the deposit process, usually within just a few minutes of the transfer being sent!

NOTE: If your recipient’s financial institution does not subscribe to the INTERAC e-Transfer service, they can still deposit their funds using the Acxsys Transfer process. This method of depositing an INTERAC e-Transfer generally takes 3-5 business days, although it may take longer.

If you have been notified of an undeliverable INTERAC e-Transfer due to an incorrect e-mail address, you can readdress and resend the transfer. Just:

  • Edit your recipient information to include the valid email address.
  • Select the “Resend Notification” from the “Pending Transfer” screen
  • Click “Confirm”

An email notice will be resent to the recipient’s valid email address.

To cancel and deposit the transfer amount back into your account, you must check the status of the transfer – if the transfer is still in the list of Pending INTERAC e-Transfers, simply click “Cancel” and follow the instructions. The transfer amount is automatically deposited back into the account indicated. Service charges are non-refundable.

The recipient will receive email or SMS reminder of the outstanding transfer 7 days after it has been sent, then again at 14, 21 and 28. After 30 days, the transfer will expire and the recipient will no longer be able to deposit the funds. At that time the sender will be notified and can cancel the expired transfer to redeposit the funds.

The security question verifies the recipient’s identity and protects your funds from being received by the wrong person. The question must be answered correctly to complete the deposit process. It is the sender’s responsibility to create a security question and answer known only to the recipient.

Guidelines for the security answer:

  • The answer must be one word.
  • The answer must not contain any blank spaces.
  • The answer is not case sensitive and letters and/or numbers are accepted.
  • The answer cannot contain special characters (i.e., &, $, etc.).
  • The answer should be kept strictly confidential between the sender and recipient.
  • The security question and/or answer must not be included in the optional message attached to the INTERAC e-Transfer.

The sender will be notified by e-mail when an INTERAC e-Transfer cannot be completed because:

  • The recipient declined the transfer.
  • The 30-day period for the recipient to claim the transfer has expired.
  • The e-mail address you entered for your recipient is invalid. (See FAQ #3)
  • The recipient was unable to answer the security question.

Once the sender receives this notification, they can follow the links in the message to cancel and re-deposit the funds. Service charges are non-refundable.

There are several error messages which can be generated while using the INTERAC e-Transfer feature, which may include the following:

  • Exceeds sending or receiving limits, for a single transaction, a week or a month.
  • The account you are attempting to send from or deposit to is restricted from use with this feature.
The communication between Internet Banking and your credit union’s banking system has timed out.

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